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eating healthy nutrition corporate events

As corporate event planners, it is important that we stay healthy and support our immune systems year-round. When we feel our best, it supports our ability to execute flawless programs for our clients. As we have watched the effects of COVID-19 around the world, many have been taking into consideration how to take better care […]

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harvesters the community food network

Last week, I had the pleasure of experiencing my first Bishop-McCann Staff Retreat. This retreat brings our company together, from San Francisco to Chicago, into the heart of the Kansas City Crossroads. During this time, we reflected on the past year, conceptualized the year to come, and came together as a family to refuel our […]

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holiday party, corporate event, special event, ugly sweaters

Earlier this week, I went out to Kansas City to attend my first Bishop-McCann Annual Holiday Party. It was a fantastic celebration that reminded me of the value of traditions, rituals, and the comfort of being with special people. Since most of us here spend our days putting together and delivering amazing meetings, incentives, and […]

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obsession prediction

Obsessed with Immersion by Ronan Vance originally posted to LinkedIn. I subscribe to a number of daily email newsletters because I am innately curious (and due to a case of FOMO when it comes to those organizations and individuals I find most informative and influential). Usually, I just scan them for highlights, but there is…

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Inspired and motivated! That’s how we feel after attending the Cvent Connect Technology Conference last month. Held in Las Vegas, thousands of meeting and corporate event planning professionals came together. Not only did they discuss how cutting-edge technology can enhance attendee engagement within the meeting and event experience, but they also talked about how to push […]

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Hillary Bamont Meeting

This generation’s buying patterns and behavior are highly influenced by social media, so BMC strategically crafted a store opening event using social media.

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How Employee Loyalty Programs Are Evolving - Hillary Bamont featured

Organizations Are Updating Their Loyalty Incentives to Ensure They Speak to the Needs of Today’s Workers July 18, 2017. By Alex Palmer. The full article can be found on July/August 2017 Edition. Hillary Bamont, director of sales for incentive program and corporate event planning firm Bishop-McCann, sees a growing demand for experiences and emotional […]

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Vicky Fairhurst on Experiential Events featured in July 2017 Corporate Incentive Travel

Creating a Higher Level of Engagement Through Personalization, Interactivity, Technology and Even the Unexpected Bishop-McCann Experiential Event DesignOriginally published in July 2017 Corporate and Incentive Travel Featuring Vicky Fairhurst, executive producer In this ever more distracted and distractible world, corporate meeting and event planners find themselves on a continual quest for new and innovative ways to […]

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A local woman weaving a basket to sell during Kendra's final day of her African incentive trip.

A Month Later: Final Day and Takeaways from a South African Incentive Trip It has been just about a month since I returned to the United States from my journey to South Africa! I’ve been re-adjusting to the time-zone and catching up on work, so I haven’t had the opportunity to share my last day in […]

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Incentive Trip African Safari - one of the big 5 safari animals

African Safari Day Nine After spending an animal filled day at Sabi Sand, our group moved to Kapama Private Game Reserve. It’s about a three hour drive from Lion Sands and 20 minutes from the Hoedspruit Airport, which is a convenient location to reach after taking a direct flight from either Jo-Berg or Cape Town. […]