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With the number of virtual programs doubling in 2020, event planners everywhere are trying to find ways to make their virtual event stand out. As we’ve stated in previous blogs, holding virtual attendees’ attention can be a difficult feat to overcome when considering the number of distractions going on at home. Along with that challenge, […]

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to find a virtual event activity that kept your attendees immersed in your event, gave back to worthy causes, and was just plain fun? Well, guess what. There is such a fantastic thing, and it’s called the Great Virtual Giveback Game Show! Our team was lucky enough to preview this incredible […]

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While the pandemic has spread fear and anxiety across the country for months, our team members are focusing on spreading joy and love whenever they can. With a mission to create JOY, Bishop-McCann prides itself on giving back to the community. Last week, 10 members of our team were able to help others by volunteering […]

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After months of living through a global pandemic, most people are becoming accustomed to participating in online meetings or events. So for many, Zoom meetings are a standard part of their lives at this point. But even after communicating with people virtually for this long, one unpleasant fact remains: virtual fatigue is real. Spending all […]

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Due to the massive increase of virtual and hybrid meetings brought on by the global pandemic, corporate event planners are now facing newfound challenges involved with presenting events on a virtual platform. Even people who have merely attended an online meeting can probably tell you some of the common pitfalls one must navigate when hosting […]