Bishop-McCann + InHouse Physicians On-Site Healthcare:
The new standard for meetings and events is
about igniting human potential.

If you’ve been involved with conferences for any period of time, we’re certain you have heard a few disastrous stories caused by major medical emergencies. But there’s a more common concern that receives far less attention: minor injuries and illnesses among conference attendees. 

Bishop-McCann + InHouse Physicians On-Site Healthcare

While medical emergencies receive most of the attention, meetings and events are affected far more often by a series of more mundane health issues. Whether you’re looking for medical support services or medical risk management solutions, Bishop-McCann’s partnership with InHouse Physicians has the global expertise to cover all of your most critical needs.


It is your responsibility as a corporate event planner to take proper duty of care. Medical emergencies happen, being prepared offers your team peace of mind.

A partnership with Bishop-McCann and InHouse Physicians brings on-site medical support: providing a full pharmacy, a network of specialists nearby, and all of the supplies of a mini emergency room, we take care of anything from a sore throat to a heart attack. With 24 hour on-call support, organizations satisfy their duty of care to mitigate risk and protect the health of their meeting attendees.


Attendees are looking for meaningful experiences. Planners have the unique opportunity to satisfy this demand and improve the bottom line for your organization by enhancing the attendees’ mindset. The IHP Mindfulness @ Meetings Series, does just that.


Our experience with COVID-19 reminds us of the importance of preparation. This preparation should include everything from the common flu prevention and treatment, to the uncommon, like COVID-19, and new viruses that will almost certainly arise in the future. With proper preparation, Bishop-McCann + InHouse Physicians On-Site Healthcare and the appropriate protocols (see example below), you can take care of your attendees and reduce the risk of program cancellations, ensuring business continuity.


IHP recommendations:

  1. A clear communication plan to all attendees BEFORE the meeting.
  2. A Screening Program for all ill attendees with a respiratory infection or fever including rapid diagnosis of influenza.
  3. Illness prevention plan, including on-site prescriptions of antivirals.
  4. Quarantine protocols for any suspected flu-like cases, N95 masks if ill.
  5. Stress reduction

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