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Happy 2017! The New Year marks exciting new beginnings – like Bishop-McCann’s innovative 5 for 5 Referral Program. As a business professional, you’re entitled to this fresh and exclusive rewards opportunity. HERE’S HOW THIS SIMPLE PROGRAM WORKS: In your role as a business professional, you work hard at building relationships. It’s likely you have a colleague […]

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Jan. 11, 2017 – The late great poet Maya Angelou said it best: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Why haven’t most customer-facing companies figured this out? There is nothing more frustrating than feeling like your […]

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Dec. 15, 2016 – The days of chafing dishes filled with chicken and the typical pasta primavera are slowly phasing out within the corporate events industry; in fact, creative food displays at corporate events are starting to become a symbolic way to measure corporate event success based on attendee feedback.  Food has always been the focal […]

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Nov. 14, 2016 – Recently Bishop-McCann in collaboration with one of its technology partners Consensus Online and the preferred medical content company were tasked by a leading HCP client on how to apply iPad technology to enhance a series of critical events. Below are the 9 client benefits that came from this successful engagement, which […]

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Nov. 1, 2016 – The red blinking “hold” button pulsed impatiently as Kate frantically clicked through emails and scrolled through spreadsheets searching for an answer. In desperation, she finally called over her cubicle wall to coworkers, “Does anyone remember the New Orleans hotel we used for Contoso last year?” Someone at the corporate event management […]