An Un-Conventional Convention


In 2016, Blaze Pizza was seeking a corporate meeting and event planning company to manage their annual convention. They were looking for a partner who could provide full-service event management capabilities in-house. Over the years, Blaze Pizza took a piecemeal approach to creative, planning, and production services. The management team struggled to find time to focus on critical meeting content, recognized that not having a centralized meeting process caused too much internal work, and became increasingly inundated with details. During the interview, they said, “Where [have you] been hiding?”


As part of the full-service scope, we designed and executed a unique meeting experience for Blaze Pizza. Not only were we able to take on the creative, event logistics, and production services, but we were also able to save them time and money on internal resources. Our collaborative approach included strategic messaging, creative direction, innovative formats, and flawless on-site execution. Our team helped them realign the agenda to give attendees more time to network, allowing them the opportunity to hear everyone’s shared ideas. By re-imagining the program, we were able to increase JOY in all of the attendees—not an easy task with hundreds of attendees in one room!


The Blaze Pizza leadership team was so impressed with our dedication to creating and delivering an “Un-Convention,” they awarded BMC their most valued 2016 VIP Partner!

“From the first meeting with [them], we knew they were the company to partner with to help plan our “Un-Conventions.” They strive to be aligned with the brands they work with. Not only did they meet our expectations on our 2017 Un-Convention, they over delivered. It was the best Un-Convention our company has had to date! Their staff is best in class, and we are thrilled to be partnered with them for 2018 and beyond.”

President International and Chief Development Officer
Blaze Pizza, LLC
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