Client Event receives energy boost from integrated entertainment performances


The client presented Bishop-McCann with the following wish list for their corporate event. One: General Session Opener with audience participation. Should align with celebratory theme. Two: Interstitial act to keep energy high during Awards Dinner. Blow us away! Three: Fun name band to perform after Awards Dinner. Think fun! Think party! Lots of hits!


1. Mike Super
Mike Super has astonished millions of people with his craft, including Hollywood’s elite. He was voted America’s Favorite Mystifier on NBC’s hit TV Show PHENOMENON, and he was a finalist on America’s Got Talent. The secret to Mike’s success is his natural ability to transcend the “illusion” and connect personally with his audience. Bonus: He’s fun!

2. Jason Hewlett
The Award-Winning One-Man Show of Jason Hewlett will have you laughing until it hurts. Comedy, Music, Impressions, and the Standing Ovations that follow make Jason the perfect choice for your entertainment needs. His brand of Hilarious Entertainment is unlike anything your audience has ever seen.

3. Big & Rich
One of the most successful and flamboyant duos in country music history.

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During the General Session, Mike Super wowed the audience and set the tone for an event that would be full of surprises.

In spite of weather/travel going so wrong….the event went so right. This was a case of talent who held true to the belief, “The show must go on!” Keep this in mind when you are hiring talent of any sort. Ask yourself, how much do you know about their professionalism?

The real story goes beyond the great live performers we had on deck, the energized party the evening became, and even beyond the killer show they performed.

The story begins on the day Nashville experienced the worst ice storm since 1950, which was the very day our big-name, Nashville based talent, was to travel!

Here’s the kicker; Big & Rich, although fully within their rights to claim force majeure, booked a private jet and fought hard to make it to the event. Getting to the private airport in Nashville was a feat in itself! In fact, John Rich had to sit and slide down his steep front yard (luggage and all) just to get to the waiting Hummer (heavy, slow ride to the airport). That is dedication my friends!

Wait. It gets better.

At the event, all hands were on deck working on plan B, in the event Big & Rich weren’t able to get clearance to take off. Turns out we stacked the deck with one of the most talented, professional performers in the business, Jason Hewlett. Without skipping a beat, Jason jumped in and performed two extra 15 minute segments (with standing ovations, no less). This gave Big & Rich the extra time needed to make it to the venue, change clothes and zip to the stage. Of course, they walked on stage as if they’d been relaxed and ready for hours. By the way, this isn’t the first time (due to unforeseen weather issues) they’ve fought hard to ensure a corporate audience got the party they planned for. But we’ll save that story for another time.

In the world of corporate events, where occasionally fame translates to lazy performances, it’s refreshing to experience the work ethic of a chosen few who clearly understand the concept of “showing up”!

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