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The Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply Customer Incentive Trip is an annual event hosted by Andy Helms, Founder of Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply. Each year, Andy rewards his best customers with an all-expenses paid trip to an exotic Caribbean location. This live, special event is designed with one thing in mind—to say thank you. It is a time to celebrate, let go of day-to-day worries, and create a more meaningful relationship with customers.


Produced by Bishop-McCann’s corporate event agency team, the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply Customer Incentive Trip was held in St. Kitts and Nevis. Because St. Kitts and Nevis is such a small, intimate island, there was no part of the country that was off limits. During the four days on the island, attendees had a chance to literally see the entire country based on the experiences that were offered.

On day one, the attendees arrived in St. Kitts and were escorted to the private check-in area of their hotel. This featured locally inspired welcome drinks and snacks, as well as complimentary chair massages. After a little relaxation, the group gathered for a welcome reception and dinner to kick off the week.

The next day, guests woke up ready for action. During the registration process, each invitee and their guest chose from a number of activity options. The day began by traveling across the Caribbean to spend the day exploring Nevis. Then, for those sleeping in, a few adventure tours of the island of St. Kitts kicked off later that day. An off-road, jungle Jeep excursion took guests off the paved roads and deep into the rainforests to see monkeys and peer over the edge of a volcano. Guests also took a trip back in time on the St. Kitts Railroad. The railroad was originally used to haul sugar from the plantations through the jungle and to the capital. Now, the railroad provides over 30 miles of breathtaking views of the Atlantic and Caribbean sides of the island—all of which was taken in sitting atop an open-air, double-decker train while sipping cocktails.

Lastly, we rented a private beach club in a secluded part of the island and let the guests spend the day basking in their own private slice of paradise. The beach club is home to one of the best restaurants on the island and lived up to the hype, serving beautiful drinks and incredible food.


Bishop-McCann’s event planning team partnered with Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply to lay out the red carpet for a group of people that are very close to Andy’s heart. Our event logistics team created and managed the event website, coordinated air travel, housing, transportation, activities, and menu design. The guests walked away feeling appreciated and more connected to the good-natured, caring people that are Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply.

“Bishop McCann continuously exceeds any expectations Mid Atlantic Roofing Supply could have ever imagined from a business partnership. We’re a customer for life.”

Andy Helms, President, Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply
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