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The challenge presented for this event was to find a speaker that would add substance and excitement to a high-energy event. The speaker needed to appeal to an audience of creatives: half hair salon owners and half hair stylists. He had to help the audience understand how collaboration creates new solutions and opens one’s mind to new possibilities.


The speaker Bishop-McCann chose was Vinh Giang, and his presentation was wildly creative.

Entrepreneur of the Year, magician, and coach, Vinh Giang loves both business and magic; this has led him to discover many common threads between these two worlds. Vinh devotes himself to understanding the ways in which people are fooled by illusions, the tricks life plays on us, and those we play on ourselves. Through identifying and understanding how this occurs, he unlocks the minds of his audience, opening them to new possibilities.

Bishop-McCann’s speakers and entertainment team and event production team placed Vinh strategically in the program on the first day of the conference. Vinh used audience volunteers and incorporated all five senses into the learning experience. He proved his message to attendees. Seeing is believing, after all.


Vinh Giang brought high energy, fun, and optimism to the event while opening the minds of the audience to new possibilities. He inspired the audience to collaborate with one another at the conference and to continue the conversation post-conference.

Additionally, Vinh changed the way challenges are perceived by igniting a whole new perspective. By tapping into the audience’s inner child, he dispelled negative beliefs and demonstrated how to create new positive beliefs. He created a truly unique experience for attendees.

“Vinh Giang was absolutely life changing. The best speaker our audience had ever seen and undoubtedly worth the price of admission.”

Sue Remes, Chief Education Officer, KEVIN.MURPHY

“What you believe is real is more important that what is actually real.”

Vinh Giang
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