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Situation: Coming together of all 5 divisions of the company.
Every year we focus on an area of education or contribution. This year we are focusing on people with special needs, learning to focus on their abilities (as opposed to their disabilities).
Need: Find us a comedian for our evening celebration dinner.


BMC entertainment agency brings Josh Blue for entertainment at corporate event.

Josh Blue’s quirky view on life, and Cerebral Palsy, helped him win top “Last Comic Standing” honors and a full-time career as a comic. His shows – like Josh’s life – more than touch on the fact that he has Cerebral Palsy, but he’s not dwelling on it.

Josh incorporates his memories as a U.S. Paralympian men’s soccer team competitor and his own life experiences in a humorous manner that brilliantly educates the audience on aspects of living with a disability. “I just want to get people with disabilities into the limelight,” says Josh.


Josh was a hit! The added and obvious benefit was that Josh underscored the company’s focus: People with special needs also have special talents! Josh lives with Cerebral Palsy, and he rocks the house every night!

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