Ewing Marion Kauffman was a close friend and colleague of Bishop-McCann’s founder Dan Nilsen. Kauffman, known as “Mr. K”, inspired Dan Nilsen with Bishop-McCann’s current business structure. Because of this, Bishop-McCann was asked to produce Mr. K’s 100th Birthday at the performing arts center and Dan considered it an honor. Kauffman’s birthday was officially celebrated in Kansas City with a week of events across the area.


Bishop-McCann produced a culminating event titled “An Evening in Blue” on September 28, 2016 that featured several speakers. Dan explained that Mr. K was a common man that did uncommon things. So, he had the idea of having a “common theme” with all white decorations when the attendees arrived. The attendees would enter the program and learn all about Mr. K and his legacy and upon exit, they would be surprised with a more innovative and “uncommon theme” of blue lights everywhere that shone in contrast to the nights’ darkness.

All attendees were asked to wear blue and to bring a book wrapped in blue to donate. Mr. K was known for his passion for books and teaching, so this was an extra dedication to his memory.


Bishop-McCann was honored to produce an event that meant so much to Dan and our company as a whole. We are proud of our work in support of this event. Thank you to KCPT for producing a documentary, featuring Dan, about this event and sharing his history and interactions with Mr. Kauffman.

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