Ewing Marion Kauffman was a close friend and colleague of Bishop-McCann’s founder Dan Nilsen. Kauffman, known as “Mr. K”, inspired Dan Nilsen with Bishop-McCann’s current business structure. Because of this, Bishop-McCann was asked to produce Mr. K’s 100th Birthday at the performing arts center and Dan considered it an honor. Kauffman’s birthday was officially celebrated in Kansas City with a week of events across the area.


Bishop-McCann planned and produced a culminating special event titled “An Evening in Blue” on September 28, 2016 that featured several speakers. Dan explained that Mr. K was a common man that did uncommon things. So, he had the idea of having a “common theme” with all white decorations when the attendees arrived. The attendees would enter the program and learn all about Mr. K and his legacy and upon exit, they would be surprised with a more innovative and “uncommon theme” of blue lights everywhere that shone in contrast to the nights’ darkness.

kauffman, blue, special event

All attendees were asked to wear blue and to bring a book wrapped in blue to donate. Mr. K was known for his passion for books and teaching, so this was an extra dedication to his memory.

kauffman, blue, special event


Bishop-McCann was honored to plan and produce a special event that meant so much to Dan and our company as a whole. We are proud of our work in support of this event. Thank you to KCPT for producing a documentary, featuring Dan, about this event and sharing his history and interactions with Mr. Kauffman.

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