First Impressions, They Really Do Matter

Do you remember your first moments at a great event? Did you find yourself thinking, “This is going to be different. This is going to be good”?  If not, someone missed a big opportunity to literally set the stage! Challenge/Opportunity: Need: a sophisticated, hip opening act that will set the tone for a wildly creative event for KEVIN.MURPHY Keep the performance short enough to leave the audience wanting more, but long enough to let it build and create excitement in the room

Response/Solution: Jessy Greene has toured and/or recorded as a violinist, cellist and singer with the Foo Fighters, P!nk, Atmosphere, Wilco, The Jayhawks, The Geraldine Fibbers, Dessa and P.O.S. of Doomtree, RZA, Glen Campell, R.E.M., Ben Harper, Dhani Harrison, Joseph Arthur, Brody Dalle, Alain Johannes and many more amazing bands and artists.

Jessy is currently finishing her 3rd solo release and 2nd EP with her band, Fauntella Crow, as well as composing/recording string sections for film, on screen talent, and chasing seagulls in her spare time.

Outcome/Results: Jessy’s mesmerizing violin and haunting vocals filled the room with excitement and anticipation. Her atmospheric sound at times came across as a smoky hush. Her vocals hung in the air like cigarette smoke, enticing the audience to what felt like the back room of a dark and dingy club (except that they were in a beautiful ballroom anxiously awaiting their fantastic fashion/hair show).

Sidebar: If you need a little ray of sunshine and hope, put on Jessy’s Blue Sky, watch the sun come up while drinking a nice warm cup of coffee and let yourself float away.

Video: Jessy Greene – Transmit N Receive

Jessy Greene, excitement, event, audience
Jessy Greene, excitement, event, audience
Jessy Greene, excitement, event, audience

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