MISSION: Astronauts Bring Leadership Lessons Learned In Space Back To Earth, To Teach and Inspire 


Bishop-McCann had the opportunity to work a hospitality client to plan a corporate event for their company leadership. Needed: two speakers to present to corporate leadership. Both speakers should support the event’s (Space) “Mission” theme. The first speaker should also present a leadership message that will be memorable. The second speaker should be inspirational while encouraging leadership to focus on what is most important.


Astronaut and Hero, Jerry Linenger survived on an out-of-control spacecraft, which was on fire and tumbling through darkness. He endured through a trying space mission, where he faced chaos, low oxygen, the worst fire ever to occur in space, as well as a language barrier with fellow crewmembers who spoke only Russian. While aboard the Mir space station, life’s true priorities crystallized for Lineger and motivated him to survive.

Astronaut, Rick Searfoss was a contributing author to the book Leadership on the Run – How to Get Better Results Faster. He also consults regularly for numerous entrepreneurial space ventures. As a high-content speaker on leadership, teamwork and peak performance, his extensive leadership experience in space enable him to fulfill his mission of sharing these lessons, while bringing the wonders of Space to Earth for all to enjoy.


  • Jerry Linenger’s opening video was a fantastic way to set the scene, introduce the audience to their conference theme and to Jerry’s story. The indelible images, amazing stories and memorable lessons left the audience feeling inspired and motivated.
  • Rick Searfoss effectively applied his messages to the client’s business leaving them with leadership lessons that won’t soon be forgotten.
  • Two speakers with unsurpassed credibility and experience coupled with out-of-this-world speaking skills!
Jerry Linenger, speakers, leadership, memorable, present
Rick Searfoss, speakers, leadership, memorable, present

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