It’s All About the Venue!
Or Is It?

Challenge/Opportunity: Question: “You are going where?” Response: “Alcatraz.” Question: “Why Alcatraz?” Answer: “Why not!” Situation: Bishop-McCann wanted to give these high performers a night they wouldn’t forget. They are young, work hard and they deserve to have some fun! Need: A fresh, young band that will appeal to millennials and fit with the unique venue. We want high-energy, fun music. We want a party!

Response/Solution: Neon Trees: Neon Trees is an American rock band known for their energetic live performances. Scoring hits such as “Animal” and “Everybody Talks,” Provo, Utah’s Neon Trees came out of the shoot with smart, catchy pop that blended new wave, dance, and indie with mainstream-friendly hooks. The band perfected its new wave-tinged sound at local shows and got its big break when chosen to be one of the opening acts for The Killers 2008 North American tour.

Outcome/Results: Was the band all in? The photos below, say it all! The prison stripes they donned that night were all their idea. The band had a blast. Therefore, the attendees had a blast. Funny how that works. It’s always more fun when the talent onstage is clearly enjoying the moment.

Alcatraz. Was it a good idea? It was clear the attendees and the band thought so. The energy that night was something to behold.

Also, everyone who worked on this special event would (after it was all said and done), answer “yes!” Would we want to work in a venue like that every day? Umm, no. The point is this; if you decide to go to a unique venue make sure you also decide to go all in across the board. Take advantage of the feel of the place and whatever unique properties or challenges it serves up. Embrace it, have a blast and make some life-long memories!

EVERYBODY TALKS was featured in a commercial for the 2012 Buick Verano and covered on NBC’s “Glee. The single has over 28 MILLION views on YOUTUBE.

ANIMAL“, climbed to No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 1 on the Alternative Songs chart. The single has over 27 MILLION views on YOUTUBE.

SLEEPING WITH A FRIENDhas over 40.5 MILLION streams to date. It was featured on Made in Chelsea. It was the first single released on Pop Psychology, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Rock Album.

1983” peaked at No. 13 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart and No. 28 on the Billboard Rock Songs chart.

Alcatraz, band, venue, Neon Trees
Alcatraz, band, venue, Neon Trees
Neon Trees band on stage at Alcatraz All About the Venue Engagement Agency
band Neon Trees stage at Alcatraz All About the Venue Engagement Agency
Chicago Hospitality Booth at Hospitality Industry Conference at Alcatraz event
Neon Trees Lead on stage at Alcatraz by Bishop-McCann Entertainment
Bishop-McCann internal entertainment agency engages NeonTrees

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