Major Pharmaceutical Firm Depends on Bishop-McCann’s Corporate Event Planning for Successful National Sales Meeting

Each year, a major pharmaceutical firm holds its national sales meeting in Las Vegas, one of the few cities with facilities capable of accommodating the company’s approximately 5,000 attendees under one roof. As the pharmaceutical firm’s corporate event planning agency, Bishop-McCann’s challenge is to create a new and memorable experience for attendees at this mandatory, re-recruitment event. To that end, our event planning team establishes an immersive training environment that is balanced by exciting, high-energy social elements.  Because the client investment is significant, demonstrating cost-savings and value-add through attendee feedback and the successful achievement of key performance indicators is essential.

Bishop-McCann creates and manages a seamless experiential marketing experience that begins with registration via a splashy website hosted on our technology platform. In addition to the registration process, our turn-key corporate event planning includes air travel, hotel sourcing, guest accommodations, food and beverage management, decor and entertainment, mobile technology, transportation and activity planning.

Upon arrival at the event, the attendees are immersed in the meeting theme via a registration lounge that establishes a relaxed and inviting atmosphere and sets the stage for a productive week ahead.

With close to 450 simultaneous breakouts, Bishop-McCann’s live event planners oversee a myriad of details to accommodate 5,000 attendees throughout the day.  Creative menu planning and tastings begin six-to-eight months in advance of the event. This allows planners the opportunity to integrate the theme with the meals and helps establish culinary expectations for the venue.  Additionally, corporate meeting planners manage a special event interactive mobile app that includes individual agendas, live polling, session tracking technology and social interaction.

As the event agency of record, we also design and manage 20 individually themed evening events, four major award dinners, major-name entertainment events, individual activities and a custom-built night club experience. Finally, event planners provide high-end VIP handling. A key objective is to ensure a feeling of engagement among all attendees.

Client surveys show consistent and continued increases in overall attendee satisfaction, along on-target re-recruitment metrics. Our event relationships with vendors are critical to the success of the program, and are driven by annual reviews and evaluations. Negotiated hotel cost savings more than made up for Bishop-McCann’s corporate events agency fees, while key performance indicators help demonstrate further value.

pharmaceutical, event planning, key performance indicator, client
pharmaceutical, event planning, key performance indicator, client

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