Need to launch a sophisticated piece of molecular equipment in a major European city? Not a problem for Bishop-McCann. A leading international biotech company was launching a sophisticated new molecular-based piece of equipment and needed an overarching corporate event theme that correlated with the marketing campaign and was integrated throughout the event.

For the two-day launch event held in a major European city, Bishop-McCann created a strong event theme brought to life through graphics, media elements and an immersive, visually engaging event environment. Also, to support the launch theme, BMC designed exciting and clever event graphics and meeting elements (e-communications, onsite signage, etc.) that were branded consistently with the theme.

Bishop-McCann worked with the client’s team to design the most engaging and effective flow of content. Additional creative elements included an opening video, an animation video, interstitial short animation loops and a post-event video.

About Bishop-McCann

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launch, theme, molecular, european
launch, theme, molecular, european
launch, theme, molecular, european
launch, theme, molecular, european

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