Happy Employees = Better Employees
And that’s good for business!

Corporate North American employees with a national staffing company focused on driving a culture of happy employees by brining in a speaker.

This client required a message that would go beyond supporting the overall theme of the event, “Happy Employees are Better Employees”, to make a persuasive case proving that workplace happiness truly matters to workers and to the long-term health of an organization.

BMC Speakers suggested and contracted speaker, Michelle Gielan – founder, Institute for Applied Positive Research.

Michelle’s message, Broadcasting Happiness, Creating Success through Positive Engagement, underscored that broadcasting happiness fuels performance, builds work optimism, builds positive engagement and builds support provision.

A few of her powerful, simple action ideas:

  1. Power Lead – Start conversations by saying something positive and meaningful.
  2. Fact Check – Isolate the negative/stressful thought, list the known facts, list the fueling facts.
  3. Honest Thanks: Send a 2-minute email praising & thanking a co-worker.


  • Research proved employee happiness is pivotal to organizational success.
  • Research proved that the company’s efforts will result in benefits across several fronts, including productivity, recruitment and retention.
  • The bottom line: Workplace happiness matters to employees and to the long-term health of an organization. Michelle proved that most importantly, leaders have the power to influence it.

“Michelle masterfully aligned her message with our theme and tailored her talk to fit with our corporate culture.”

– Haylie DiJiusto, Sr. Manager, Travel & Meeting Services

Michelle Gielan Keynote – Broadcasting Happiness
Communicate solutions, not problems | Michelle Gielan, The Institute for Applied Positive Research

happy, employees, culture, speaker
happy, employees, culture, speaker

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