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We are looking for an economist to speak at our Leaders Forum. We want a message that will prepare our leaders and our partners for what lies ahead by giving us a reliable economic outlook, paired with strategies and solutions that leave our attendees feeling better prepared to plan a successful financial future for the clients.


Former Chief Economist, CNBC & Leading Financial Expert

Dr. Marci Rossell provides high-level analysis on a wide range of financial and economic issues, including industry regulations, GDP growth and monetary policy, to help steer your organization toward desirable financial outcomes. Renowned for her expertise on the domestic and global economies, Dr. Rossell details the factors that contribute to the evolving economic environment, while outlining the likely effects and implications of today’s trends and issues.

Bishop-McCann speaker bureau brings Dr. Marci Rossell to speak on economic outlook to leaders of financial services company.

On stage, Dr. Rossell makes complex topics easily accessible, a gift she honed as the chief economist for CNBC, where she appeared every morning on the network’s flagship program, “Squawk Box,” covering the economy, the Federal Reserve and the bond market.

Marci’s presentation:
2017 Economic Forecast: A Roadmap For Businesses in the Trump Era Marci Rossell breaks down the factors that have contributed to the ongoing economic expansion and outlines her forecast for what business leaders should expect from the Trump Administration in 2017 and beyond. Touching on a range of topics including government regulation, global currency shifts, interest rate outlook, the impact of a possible shift in trade policy and the prospects for genuine tax reform, she prepares audiences for what lies ahead. As an esteemed financial expert and high profile economist, Dr. Rossell has been a reliable economic prognosticator with a front row seat to the ups and downs of the financial markets for more than two decades.


Marci was exactly what we needed. With high-level insights and straightforward business forecasts, Dr. Rossell provided strategies and solutions that will allow us to map out successful financial futures.

Bonus: she was entertaining and interested in us. She spent extra time with us before and after dinner that evening, which was most appreciated. Marci’s name is highly respected with this group! She was a valuable contributor to a successful conference.

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