FRANCHISE ANNUAL CONVENTION – Ordinary is not an Option Speaker


“We need an outside speaker with business credibility; someone who can deliver a leadership message with focus on continuous improvement.” The audience, 2400 Franchisees -Most have been with the company for a long time -Know their clients & their community -Us vs. them thinking (franchise vs. corporate)

Bill Taylor Fast Company, speaker, franchise, leadership, entreprenurs

Bill Taylor, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, Fast Company; Author, Simply Brilliant – New Ways To Compete, Innovate And Succeed

  • Co–founder, Fast Company magazine, sold for $340 million
  • Three bestsellers – Simply BrilliantPractically Radical and Mavericks at Work
  • Popular Harvard Business Reviewmanagement blog
  • Fresh expert insights on leadership, culture and change

There has never been a more exciting time to be an entrepreneur, whether it’s building a company from a blank sheet of paper or launching or investing in a franchise. In the old world of business, the strong took from the weak. If you had the deepest pockets, the biggest factories or labs, the best-known brands, you won by virtue of your power. In the new world of business, the smart take from the strong. The most successful entrepreneurs don’t try to out-compete their bigger rivals; they redefine the terms of competition by embracing one-of-a-kind ideas in a world filled with me-too thinking. Thanks to the revolutions in computing, communications and social media, along with an explosion of new business models and new sources of financing, smaller and smaller groups of people can do bigger and bigger things.

A few of Bill’s themes:

  • Originality is the litmus test of entrepreneurial strategy.
  • The best entrepreneurial companies work as distinctively as they compete.
  • Small gestures can send big signals—and create huge value.
  • The smartest entrepreneurs get the best contributions from the most people.

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