Bishop-McCann Ensures Clients Received the Program They Deserved Despite Unforeseen Weather Threat


As event planners, we have programs scheduled for certain times, but sometimes the weather has its own schedule. Last year, when Hurricane Irma hit the state of Florida, we had two programs scheduled to take place. Despite threatening weather, our dedicated event logistics team—which includes air and sourcing—needed to put their minds together to figure out a new plan. Considerations included finding new locations, rerouting already booked flights for 1,000 attendees, overseeing program management, and executing overall event production for both programs.


After pulling out the stops and utilizing as many skills as possible, the Bishop-McCann team was able to reroute almost 1,000 flights and change nearly 1,000 hotel rooms, along with switching event spaces for two meetings from Miami to Las Vegas. All of this occurred in just a matter of four days.

Amber Heintz, our Account Director, was a part of the team that made sure we maintained our professionalism. “My role was to gather the appropriate individuals and clients to ensure everything was covered. It was about all-hands-on-deck assisting where the immediate needs were,” said Heintz. She also followed up on quickening the process of client approvals to make sure all questions from every person were answered in the short amount of time the team was working under.


In addition to being able to re-address all of our clients’ needs in such a short time span and under stressful circumstances, our teams were able to successfully put their heads together and use this experience as a reference in case any unfortunate situation like this were to happen in the future.

Rob Adams, our President and CEO, said, “Bishop-McCann pulled closer together, and everyone supported each other. Most importantly, we were able to deliver a fantastic, classic Bishop-McCann style event within four days’ time. If that’s not professionalism at its finest, I don’t know what is. And I couldn’t be prouder.”

Despite the sudden change of plans, our team was able to pull together, buckle down, and get the work done to ensure our clients got the programs they deserved.

The hearts and minds of the Bishop-McCann team go out to those who were affected by Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, and all disasters within and outside of the United States. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone as they rebuild and recover.

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