Smart Badges Make Networking Easy at Meetings and Events Let’s face it, for many people networking at events or meetings is a daunting task filled with a lot of awkward conversation. Most of the time meeting attendees only get a name and maybe a business card from people they mingle with at a networking event. […]

Obsessed with Immersion by Ronan Vance originally posted to LinkedIn. I subscribe to a number of daily email newsletters because I am innately curious (and due to a case of FOMO when it comes to those organizations and individuals I find most informative and influential). Usually, I just scan them for highlights, but there is…

Event Chatbots are one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to communicate with your meeting attendees. Let us help you boost attendee engagement.

Inspired and Motivated! That’s how we feel after attending the Cvent Connect Technology Conference last month! Held in Las Vegas, thousands of meeting and corporate event planning professionals came together and not only discussed how cutting-edge technology can enhance attendee engagement within the meeting and event experience but also talked about how to push corporate event […]

This generation’s buying patterns and behavior are highly influenced by social media, so BMC strategically crafted a store opening event using social media.

Here at our corporate event management agency, Bishop-McCann, we’re all about making sure we work with our clients to give their corporate event or meeting attendees or employees on incentive trips the best experience possible. Using the Snapchat Spectacles technology can help make this happen! Doing so means keeping up with our clients, current events […]

Bishop-McCann is dedicated to improving the attendee experience at our events by utilizing the most relevant technology for meeting the client and event logistics goals. Here are the top 5 technology trends we have identified as being particularly pertinent in 2017. 1. The Internet of Things (IoT): It is estimated that there are over 12 billion IoT-connected […]

Nov. 14, 2016 – Recently Bishop-McCann in collaboration with one of its technology partners Consensus Online and the preferred medical content company were tasked by a leading HCP client on how to apply iPad technology to enhance a series of critical events. Below are the 9 client benefits that came from this successful engagement, which […]