While the pandemic has spread fear and anxiety across the country for months, our team members are focusing on spreading joy and love whenever they can. With a mission to create JOY, Bishop-McCann prides itself on giving back to the community. Last week, 10 members of our team were able to help others by volunteering […]

Last week, I had the pleasure of experiencing my first Bishop-McCann Staff Retreat. This retreat brings our company together, from San Francisco to Chicago, into the heart of the Kansas City Crossroads. During this time, we reflected on the past year, conceptualized the year to come, and came together as a family to refuel our […]

Earlier this week, I went out to Kansas City to attend my first Bishop-McCann Annual Holiday Party. It was a fantastic celebration that reminded me of the value of traditions, rituals, and the comfort of being with special people. Since most of us here spend our days putting together and delivering amazing meetings, incentives, and […]

In the spirit of giving Tuesday, Bishop-McCann’s San Francisco gives back to local Humane Society & ASPCA chapter.

We all struggle with client gifting ideas. Okay, well at least I do. It’s always difficult to find the right combination of “what’s under my client’s corporate gifting policy” and “what’s a cool and unique idea that my clients will actually use.” I mean, really, how many times have we gotten a portable power bank? […]

Conference goodie bags can be one of the highlights of a corporate event. Everyone likes a free gift. That is, until you open it and realize it’s full of items you’ll be dumping as soon as no one is watching. The swag bags we’re given at industry events should be full of possibility, not disappointment. […]

The annual Pharma Forum hosted in Philadelphia was a perfect mix of discussing life sciences current affairs, collaborating with fellow industry meeting planners, educating ourselves on vendor updates, participating in community service projects, and networking throughout. Below are the top takeaways from this year’s Pharma Forum, including topics such as security, strategic meeting management, and […]

Bishop-McCann Mission Vision Values – We Create Joy! At Bishop-McCann all three play a part succeeding at the ultimate goal: true success.

IMEX 2017 Conference was packed from new hotel security, like having to scan room cards at elevators to ensuring your event in case of a natural disaster.