A Full Day of Travel to Cape Town!


A Full Day of Travel to Cape Town!

Incentive Travel Experience – Day 3

Now that I’m packed with all the essentials, I’m ready for a full day of travel to Cape Town.

Since I’ll be in the air for most of today, this update will be on the shorter side, but I still wanted to let you know what type of travel experience you might be in for if you’re headed on a meeting or trip abroad.

I’m all over the place today from Washington DC to Dakar, to Johannesburg and finally to Cape Town, South Africa.

Incentive Program Abroad

Total flight time: almost 18 hours.

That’s a long time to be up in the air, but I’m glad I have on comfy pants. Even though this is a huge travel day, I’m confident it will be worth the “long haul” flight to experience this beautiful country!

I’m comfortable and I packed everything I might need in the overhead compartment, so it’s all smiles from here.

Incentive Program Agency

Signing off for now, I’ll check back in once I’ve landed in Cape Town.

– Kendra