Picture this: one day your company’s top employees are hiking up an active volcano. The next, they’re dining in elegance while sharing stories of swimming with sea turtles and taking hot mud baths. Where else can someone have such a variety of experiences but on a cruise? And they only have you to thank for it. Here’s why you should consider a cruise for your next incentive trip.

If you are having trouble deciding the next incentive location for your top employees, consider a cruise. The truth is, right now is the perfect time to be thinking about a cruise. That probably sounds counterintuitive, but here’s why:

  • It’s safer than ever. Like hotels, cruise lines are implementing new cleanliness procotols, working closely with health agencies to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers when they resume operations (e.g. check out Royal Caribbean’s here).
  • It’s cheap. If you’ve looked at flights recently, you know how inexpensive it can be to book a trip. The same economic circumstances impacting airlines face the cruising industry. Sales abound for the casual shopper, and with the help of event planners, you can likely negotiate even steeper discounts for your group.
  • It’s still the easiest option. The complicated logistics of an incentive trip can challenge even the most seasoned planners. But getting onto a ship is fast and efficient, and once you are on board, you need only ask. 

In early 2020, Bishop-McCann helped one of its clients incentivize their top employees with a Caribbean cruise. Guests were welcome to take part in the nightly cocktail receptions and sit-down dinners if they wished, but everything was up to the attendee. These top sellers were treated to an all-inclusive, choose-your-adventure experience. From thrill seeking to lazy poolside lounging, cruises are the perfect way to make sure all of your guests have the times of their lives.

These unprecedented times might have taken cruising from us for now, but as we look ahead to our new normal, consider putting cruising back on your short list for incentives and rewards.

Make Your Next Incentive Trip a Cruise was last modified: November 9th, 2020 by Katie Walker