Bishop-McCann Connections June 2017


Bishop-McCann Connections June 2017

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Featured Bishop-McCann Innovation

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No Maybe About It

Have you had the experience of seeing a performer live for the first time and been won over, even if you didn’t consider yourself a fan before that night? Carly won over the entire room with her effervescence and her sparkling electro-pop gems. See more here.

Client Incentive Trip

Client Incentive Trip

A major technology and communications client retained Bishop-McCann to design, plan and execute their 2017 President’s Club Incentive and Recognition trip for 300 attendees.  The program objective was to create joy and reward these top performers with a “trip of a lifetime” and to recognize them for their year-long achievements.

Industry Trends

You can’t step out the door without hearing about technology. See how Bishop-McCann is heightening the event experience by going mobile! Also, has anyone asked you to do more with less dollars? We thought so. Here’s how Bishop-McCann maximizes event budgets by implementing creative, customer-focused sponsorship packages.

Samantha Stultz


Going Mobile: Heightening the Event Experience

It’s no secret that Bishop-McCann is constantly keeping up with technology. So, our ability to incorporate that technology into events and meetings shouldn’t be a secret either…


Hillary Bamont Meeting, Events, Incentive Trips Sales


How to Create the Most Impactful Sponsorship Packages

Do you want to create the perfect event on the perfect budget? Of course you do, which is why that’s not the real question. The real question is how?…


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Bishop-McCann Today

Bishop-McCann HeadquartersWhat’s goin’ on at BMC?

1. We’ve recently launched a new mission statement.
“We create joy, by including everyone so they are free to be their most authentic self.” 

2. We’re celebrating our 20 Year Anniversary! 

3. We’ve been honored with the 2017 Community Service Award at the International Association of Speakers Bureau and we’ve been honored at MPIKC’s Annual Awards and Auction Gala winning the Legacy Award.

Rob Adams A special note from our President & CEO:

Hi everybody!

We started this company 20 years ago, and life continues to be a celebration for Bishop-McCann. It takes a village to create something this special, so I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of Bishop-McCann’s growth and for making this great company what it is today. Whether it’s helping to make our attendees proud of their companies, being one of our partners or being a valued client of ours, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart! I can honestly say I couldn’t be prouder of this company and am excited to be a part of the ride for the next 20 years.

I’ve always said there’s something very special about Bishop-McCann, and quite recently we have been able to put a finger on it. We create joy, by including everyone so they are free to be their most authentic self!

This statement stands true throughout not only our meetings, incentive programs and events worldwide, but throughout our company culture. We love what we do and why we do it, and we do it because we genuinely care about every single person that attends every one of our events; from start to finish, every step of the way.

Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter for industry updates. I hope we can make you proud by providing insight into our industry innovations.

Warmest regards, Rob



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