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Here’s what the industry’s doing and here’s how we’re leading it. During October Bishop-McCann has been busy helping Verizon with their Leadership Academy, planning incentive trips to Mexico for clients, and selecting entertainment for events based off generational differences. Read the latest edition of Connections to find out all the details.

Featured Bishop-McCann Innovation

industry, leadership academy, entertainment

Verizon Leadership Academy training

Verizon retained Bishop-McCann to help them develop their 2017 Leadership Academy. This Academy was designed to transform 1,500 leaders in every retail store around the entire country. Retail is changing rapidly and Verizon asked us to help prepare their leaders for the future. See how we did it.

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Preparing for Your Meeting in Mexico
Kendra Murray, VP of Operations, helps you prepare for your meeting in Mexico

There have been increasing concerns regarding business and leisure travel to Mexico. It began with media reports alleging tainted alcohol. Soon followed the State Department’s travel warning citing increased violent crime in 2016 including homicide, kidnapping, and carjackings in the resort states of Quintana Roo and Baja California Sur. Then, the final straw: news of natural disaster damage. How do you know what to ask? Check out the answers here.

Industry Trends

A client retained Bishop-McCann to design, plan and execute their 2017 President’s Club Incentive and Recognition trip for 300 attendees. The program objective was to create joy and reward these top performers with a “trip of a lifetime” and to recognize them for their year-long achievements. See how Bishop-McCann did just that.

Industry Trends

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Bishop-McCann Today

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What’s goin’ on at Bishop-McCann

  • We attended IMEX; met some amazing partners, clients, and supported the American Red Cross while we were there!

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industry, leadership academy, entertainment, mexico, clients

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