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Tracy Kinsey, VP Sales & Marketing

Lacking a Digital Marketing Strategy

In early 2017, Bishop-McCann had no formal digital marketing strategy. The agency – an industry leader in producing meetings, incentive programs and corporate events worldwide – relied on multiple manual ways and systems to deliver marketing campaigns and industry partner communications. Not only was this a costly approach to their marketing initiatives, it was an ineffective one as well. The Bishop-McCann team knew that they could generate more leads and better connect with customers and prospects, if they had the right marketing technology.

As Microsoft Dynamics 365 users, Bishop-McCann knew that they wanted a marketing automation solution that integrated well with their CRM. “With so many new forms of communication and ways to spread a message, we wanted to make email marketing and marketing automation as streamlined as possible into our CRM,” recalled Tracy Kinsey, Bishop-McCann’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Usability also played a big part in the agency’s marketing technology challenges. Many of the solutions that Bishop-McCann was using for their marketing efforts weren’t user-friendly or scalable for users across the organization.

Taking Marketing to the Next Level

The first step in Bishop-McCann’s digital marketing makeover was to find a marketing automation solution that delivered a unique combination of features, usability and seamless integration with their CRM. As a Microsoft Dynamics customer, there was one marketing automation company name that they heard frequently – ClickDimensions.

“We selected ClickDimensions because of the native integration within Dynamics CRM, and the industry reputation within the Microsoft Dynamics client and partner ecosystem. We needed a system natively integrated into CRM without having to export or import new contacts into an outside network to send newly generated sales leads an esthetically pleasing sales/ marketing email directly,” said Kinsey.

Value was also a big factor in the agency’s decision. Bishop-McCann felt the ClickDimensions platform delivered an enormous set of functionalities for the price.

With a quick implementation thanks to native integration, Bishop-McCann could begin using ClickDimensions right away. They started with an email newsletter to provide an opportunity for regular customer and prospect touches, as well as a way for the agency to demonstrate thought leadership. Then the agency began managing their sales leads through campaign automation while increasing generation of sales leads.

Quickly and Easily Increasing Leads and Engagement

Prior to implementing ClickDimensions, the Bishop-McCann team had limited experience with strategic digital marketing. Thus, one of the most immediate benefits of selecting ClickDimensions was the platform’s wide variety of training and support options that allowed the agency to rapidly get up-to-speed on various product features.

“The training tools have been a tremendous value to us. We’ve taken multiple trainings within the ClickDimensions Academy and have been able to answer questions without having to contact a representative. This has completely streamlined user adoption with the agency and allowed us to hit the ground running with our marketing efforts,” remarked Kinsey. “When we can’t find an answer on our own, the ClickDimensions team is always quick to respond and truly cares about finding a solution that works for us.”

The first of their new marketing efforts was an email newsletter, which the team was easily able to create and send using the email marketing tools in ClickDimensions. By utilizing split testing with their newsletters – testing everything from email headers to the text of the email to the images used – Bishop-McCann ensured that they created an engaging newsletter, doubling their subscribers in just six months and enjoying consistently high open and click rates.

Bishop-McCann also kicked off their revitalized marketing efforts with automated campaigns that they used to generate and manage their sales leads. Using the ClickDimensions campaign automation builder, the agency created eight automated campaigns in 2017 that sent 17,000 emails, resulting in a 16 percent increase in qualified leads for the year. “Since Bishop-McCann had previously been green to marketing efforts, ClickDimensions has provided us with easy-to-use tools that make us look like marketing professionals and thought leaders. Our entire sales team has been trained and equipped with these tools that help them successfully chase new leads and convert them into satisfied customers.” Tracy Kinsey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bishop-McCann.

“Working with ClickDimensions has done many incredible things for Bishop-McCann, and we’re excited to continue to integrate more of ClickDimensions into our sales and marketing cycle,” said Kinsey. “The solution is easy to set up and install, has effective native integration into CRM and it’s unique training tools have helped us achieve old goals and set new ones that can be conquered with the help of ClickDimensions.”


  • A need to implement a user friendly marketing solution to make an effective digital marketing strategy possible
  • Multiple systems led to fragmented communications that were costly and time consuming to produce
  • Ineffective lead generation and lead management strategies


  • Implementing ClickDimensions and taking advantage of the solution’s native integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Employing email marketing and automated campaigns to generate leads, demonstrate thought leadership and foster customer loyalty
  • Obtaining greater value through the use of one marketing solution


  • Connected with customers and prospects through an email newsletter with a growing subscriber base
  • Increased leads by 16 percent with ClickDimensions campaigns in the first year alone
  • Utilized ClickDimensions support and training to learn new marketing tools and tactics

About Bishop-McCann

Bishop-McCann is an industry leader in producing meetings, incentive programs and events worldwide. The agency is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri with offices in Chicago, San Francisco, Minneapolis and New York, from which they serve clients around the globe. Every day with every customer, every Bishop-McCann team member strives to live the agency’s mission: We Create Joy.

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