Nicole McCoy, Director Global Sourcing for Bishop-McCann featured in Corporate & Incentive Travel Magazine – “Contracts:  How to Negotiate the Best Deal”

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When Anthony Taccetta, corporate event planner and owner of Anthony Taccetta Event Design in New York City, works with a hotel negotiating contracts and clauses, he makes sure everything is in writing and is put on a timeline that gets shared with hotel personnel well in advance. The timeline should be signed off by appropriate parties to ensure all the details will go according to plan. Beyond the obvious room block, meeting space, cancellation, relocation, etc., there are a few clauses in traditional hotel agreements that are requiring a bit more detail and conversation in today’s hotel market.

 “It is critical to approach negotiations with the goal that the contract is written clearly enough that it can stand alone and be implemented by people not directly involved in the contracting process.”
— Nicole McCoy

As Nicole McCoy, director, global sourcing for Bishop-McCann, a fully integrated event management agency in Kansas City, Missouri, explains, the popularity of services such as Airbnb requires meeting planners to pay closer attention to attrition clauses to ensure that projected and contracted blocks are attainable…See full story here –

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