Bishop-McCann LLC is getting lots of inquiries about COVID-19. The Kansas City-based company, which produces meetings, corporate events and incentives programs worldwide, is getting questions from clients about whether they should cancel or postpone events, CEO Rob Adams said.

A board member of Meeting Professionals International, Adams said the group estimates that COVID-19 will deliver a $270 billion hit to the meetings-and-events industry.

“And that’s just the industry,” he said. “What does it mean to a city, and what are the economic implications of a canceled meeting or corporate event?”

rob adams speaks on covid 19 coronavirus

Companies also worry about maintaining the health of their brands.

“The risk may be low, but it only takes one case at an event,” Adams said. “They’re aware of the visibility that could potentially create.”

Bishop-McCann is educating clients to make sure they understand the importance of rebooking now, rather than just canceling a corporate event.

“Before we got into this coronavirus situation, we already had a huge supply/demand issue: a short supply of hotels and high demand of meetings and events,” Adams said. “What we know with confidence is that these postponed meetings will be rebooked, and that means supply and demand will be even more extreme. If you decide not to rebook now, the price of your event will go up significantly.”

Closer to home, Adams said the company is encouraging its employees to stay home if they don’t feel good and is following all federal guidelines.

“One of the things that is concerning to us is the media hype and the anxiety that it’s creating,” Adams said. “So we’re making sure that we’re giving people resources to find accurate information.”

By Lily Lieberman – Staff Writer, Kansas City Business Journal
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