By Elise Schoening

New seating layouts, zero-proof cocktails and meals that boost your immune system are among the trends for face-to-face meetings this year.

Timing Is Everything

Allowing more time for meals is one way to avoid the problem of long lines at food stations. For large meetings, consider splitting attendees into smaller groups and assigning meal times or different dining locations. This will help limit the potential for exposure to illness, and guests are likely to feel more comfortable dining with fewer people.

Erin Baker

“We used to cut into meal breaks for programming; we’re not going to be able to compromise on that as much as we used to,” says Erin Baker, program manager for the event management company Bishop-McCann. “We need to make sure we’re taking the time that is necessary at meal breaks to do it safely. That might mean dispatching people in smaller groups and not allowing a rush to the food lines.”

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