By Lisa A. Grimaldi and Alex Palmer

What will drive incentive motivation, recognition and rewards in the new year and beyond? Incentive Magazine tapped a roundtable of industry thought leaders to share their insights.

2020 Motivation Roundtable participants:

  • Rob Adams, president and CEO, Bishop-McCann
  • Jeffrey Brenner, director, special markets division, Seiko Watch of America, and president, Incentive Manufacturers and Representatives Alliance
  • Casey Epley, director, reward experience, Maritz Motivation
  • Brett Hatch, senior director of global corporate gifts, Maui Jim
  • Mike McWilliams, vice president, marketing and client strategy, MotivAction
  • Bill Warshauer, vice president of sales, Hawk Incentives, a Blackhawk Network Business
  • Tina Gunn Weede, CITP, CIS, CRP, president & CEO, Peerless Performance
  • Jesse Wolfersberger, chief data officer, Maritz Motivation

Below are Rob’s Responses:

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Rob Adams, president & CEO Bishop-McCann

Q Do you expect more of a focus on return on investment and other measurements?

Rob Adams: Clients are measuring employee performance, and they are looking to measure the retention of their top performers. One of our clients describes its incentive trip as an opportunity to re-recruit annually.

Q Has there been any change in the kind of behaviors clients are looking to motivate?

Adams: To attract and retain key talent in today’s competitive landscape, it will continue to be critical to invest in incentive programs. Regardless of how a business is performing, we are seeing clients that are interested in incentive trips in order to invest in their most critical asset: their people.

Q Which merchandise rewards will be hot in 2020?

Adams: The hottest products are anything personal and customizable (such as shoes and perfume bars). There is also a rise in community give-back gifts, particularly among Millennials.

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