Return on Experience

Bishop-McCann First in the Meeting and Event Industry to Offer Real-Time Return on Experience


Immersion Neuroscience technology includes a wearable sensor that allows Bishop-McCann to optimize the event experience and gather immediate, accurate data.

Events are an investment to produce, and it’s always been challenging to determine an actual return on experience (ROE). Now, new technology is making it possible to measure attendee engagement in real time, allowing planners to design event programming for maximum impact.

The Solution

Bishop-McCann—an award-winning, worldwide leader in the meetings, incentive programs, and events industry—has partnered with Immersion Neuroscience to bring the new Return on Experience technology to the forefront. Immersion Events consists of an app paired with a small neurosensor worn by attendees. Neurologic immersion is captured passively and in real time, second-by-second. This data is sent to the cloud, allowing the ability to quickly understand and effectively maximize the impact of the event by:

  • Supporting event speakers so they know exactly how their audience will react BEFORE delivering a message.
  • Obtaining real-time data after presentations to know what parts of the message the audience was immersed in and will remember.
  • Strengthening training initiatives to ensure training is easily recalled and acted on to improve business outcomes.
  • Recognizing the best networking locations, the impact of exhibitor spaces, and other physical aspects of the event.
  • Identifying what each attendee cared about the most, giving more context to post-event surveys, and allowing for customized follow-up after the event.

“Until now, we’ve relied upon the recollection of event attendees via surveys, often delivered weeks after the event took place, to determine whether or not a meeting or event was successful,” said Rob Adams, Bishop-McCann President & Chief Executive Officer. “The reality, based on Paul Zak’s research, is that four out of five events will conclude with the meeting owners not knowing if their goals and objectives were met. Additionally, we know that although surveys still serve a purpose, in many cases, they are at best 20% accurate. Our partnership with Immersion Neuroscience lets us precisely identify which meeting or event elements attendees were engaged in, so we can create extraordinary, impactful events proving ROE. We see this technology infusing tremendous innovation into the industry to solve the largest challenge: ‘Do I know if my meeting, event, or training program met my objective, and did my attendees have an immersive experience?'”

Rob Adams, President & CEO

What is the Solution?

Immersion Neuroscience is a software platform and wearable neurosensor that captures what audiences really care about in real time. Immersion Neuroscience has spent more than 15 years identifying neural measures that reveal which experiences shake up the brain and are, thus, most valued. The Immersion Neuroscience online portal shows clients in real time how effective an experience is and how to make it better. Optimizing experiences can now be done easily by monitoring a simple 0-10 measure that uses data coming from the brain that is captured through the heart.

What Problem Does This Solve for the Events, Meetings, and Education Space?

While surveys have a role, research shows that self-reports are only 17% accurate at predicting outcomes like information recall and sales growth after training. Decisions are largely made in unconscious emotional brain regions, and the conscious brain cannot report these motivations with any fidelity. This means that four out of five live events, meetings, and training sessions will fail! Companies are losing billions of dollars every year because they cannot distinguish what people say they like from what their brains love. Immersion accurately predicts people’s actions with 80% or greater accuracy.

“Immersion Neuroscience offers the first and only software platform and wearable sensor that measures what people really care about in real time, which is extremely valuable in the meetings and events industry,” said Zak. “Too often, you plan and execute great events, but you really don’t know how great they are. Now, you’re able to objectively and granularly measure the impact of an event in ways that post-meeting surveys cannot.”

Dr. Paul Zak

What Is Being Measured?

Heart rate and vagus nerve activity answers will be of value. We are measuring second-by-second changes in heart rate variability and applying our algorithms, which were developed from 15 years of brain and hormone-based research, to convert this to a measure of neurologic activity.

Who is Immersion Neuroscience?

immersion neuroscience

Immersion Neuroscience provides the first and only wearable sensor that measures neurologic immersion in an experience, ad, or customer journey in real time. The software can be used by anyone, anywhere, after 30 minutes of training. Immersion is extracted from multiple streams of neurologic data and put into an easy-to-understand format that can be compared to immersion benchmarks to evaluate the effectiveness of experiences. Immersion predicts sales, social shares, enjoyment, and word of mouth with high accuracy. The future of consumer neuroscience is our real-time, wearable sensor with automated signal processing.

Who is Bishop-McCann?

Bishop-McCann is one of the industry leaders in producing meetings, incentive programs, and events worldwide. Bishop-McCann is headquartered in Kansas City, with offices in Chicago and San Francisco.

Bishop-McCann’s Role

Bishop-McCann is the first in the industry to offer the Return on Experience Powered by Immersion Neuroscience that passively collects attendee data during meetings and events. Immersion Neuroscience has selected Bishop-McCann to be the North American Large Account Reseller responsible for sales and marketing of the solution.

Solution Pricing

Initial pricing will be based on the software as a service “SaaS” model, starting with one month/event pricing through a twelve-month engagement. Please contact Bishop-McCann for more details on terms and conditions.

Use Case Scenarios

  • Track immersion across different speaking events to identify:
    • The most immersive sessions.
    • The most immersive content within the sessions.
    • The most immersive keynote speakers. This information can be used to guide future event planning.
  • Identify how immersed attendees were in various topics, and use this to guide follow-ups from sessions (e.g., provide extra fun pieces of material for topics with high immersion or summary points for topics with low immersion).
  • Use attendee-specific immersion to recommend next-day sessions they will likely have an interest in attending.
  • Monitor sessions live to identify moments of high and low immersion, and use these to tailor the event in real time. High moments can be sustained by engaging the audience or adding exciting elements to the event like confetti, music, etc., while low moments can be improved upon by changing content delivery or introducing a short break. Immersion Neuroscience has developed event-specific benchmarks for these purposes, and we can work with Bishop-McCann to develop benchmarks from their specific events.
  • Identify the in-Vangelists for different sessions, and use them to leverage content impact (e.g., by giving them a badge after the session saying, “Ask me about…”). Attendees who are in-Vangelists for the most event elements could also provide quotes for PR purposes.
  • Identify which vendors had the most and least immersive installations, and use this to inform sponsor requests for future events. This information could also potentially be provided to vendors to help them improve their offerings. (Beacons, GoPro, or itracking could map location on the expo floor).
  • Measure different types of experiences (e.g., check-in, keynotes, panels, hands-on) to build a framework for how to present varying content in the most highly immersive ways.
  • Use insights to build training sessions focused on generating immersive event experiences. Note, immersion can also be tracked during these training sessions and used to tailor the approach for the most impactful events.
  • Beyond these opportunities, the Immersion Neuroscience platform can also help with the following event-related activities:
    • Identify the most immersive event sites.
    • Assess and optimize creative communications around events.
    • Track and optimize user experience during web registration and ticketing.
    • Identify how to best leverage social media for events.

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