Air Travel

Air Travel

We can’t always guarantee you feel free to get up and move about the cabin, but we can guarantee our in-house team of air travel specialists will ensure a smooth experience for your attendees from the first point of contact until the final departure.

Our rapid-response team adjusts to changes as they occur and provides your attendees with information as soon as it is available. As highly experienced corporate event planning specialists, you can count on us to negotiate optimal air blocks and the most cost-effective airfares and to manage booking and ticketing, seat assignments, budget, corporate risk and compliance, charter flights, VIP travel and more.

Air Services Brochure
Air Services Brochure

As a Travel Partner, we support existing Corporate Travel Policies, thus providing a sound Duty of Care policy highlighting risk-related restrictions and requirements such as consequences for out-of-policy business travel, travel to high-risk destinations, tools to monitor and communicate changing threats to domestic and international travelers, ground transport policies and vendors.

Value adds:

  • We are a full-service Travel Management Company
  • Domestic and International reservations including complex international
  • We commonly manage concurrent meetings both domestic and international often times with no US attendees (ie: 400 plus global attendee lift to New Zealand then to Madrid and home)
  • Experts in change management (ie: last minute agenda changes, weather, etc.)
  • We offer an online booking platform for domestic reservations
  • We continually strive to provide exceptional customer service
  • We offer 24-hour coverage including Holidays
  • We offer customized billing options (centralized, individual, bta’s, etc.)
  • We provide standard monthly reports on transaction details and air savings compliance
  • We offer client specific customized reporting
  • We offer a dedicated 800 travel line
  • We support 3rd party corporate travel tools connected to the GDS (ie: corporate security tracking programs)
  • We use Trip Case as our document delivery system.