Event Measurement Services

If your last meeting and event survey left you uncertain about the measurement of impact of your event or told you trust was an issue within your organization, we can help.

Our solution begins with a brief 26-question trust survey and offers a snapshot of 8 key trust levers within your organization. Research has shown that organizations that are people-centered and managed by clear objectives are the best places to work and, over time, enjoy the most success. The survey tells you where your attendees are right now.

The complete Bishop-McCann and Ofactor trust survey solution includes:

A neuroscience-based organizational trust survey
  • We measure 8 key levers that contribute to 100% of the variance in organizational trust. Dig deeper into exactly what is causing a lack of trust between team members and leadership.
  • Ofactor is the only solution built by real neuroscientists that is designed to create and sustain a high-trust culture. It is based on over 13 years of field and lab-based neuroscience research by Dr. Paul Zak and enables you to engineer a high-trust, high-performance organization.
Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Slice and dice data by job level, tenure, department and other demographics. Identify pockets of low-trust and high-trust within the organization.
Organizations with high Ofactor ratings have been scientifically proven to show:
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