Event Production Services

Our event production team designs and delivers live experiences by connecting brands and organizations with their target audiences in surprising and compelling ways.  As a leading event production agency, our focus is to tell your story and engage the audience around a shared focus and inspire change and momentum. We design creative solutions that support the strategy, drive objectives and focus on factors that spark understanding and affinity between people, brands and organizations.

Our production services include:

  • Theme development
  • Content development
  • Digital and interactive technology
  • Performance art
  • Creative design and integration
  • Set design and fabrication
  • Presentation design and development
  • Technical direction and design
  • Motion graphics
  • Video production
  • Live video streaming
  • Pre-post communications strategy
  • Event management and execution
  • Speaker/talent acquisition and management
  • Environmental design
  • Speech writing and coaching
  • Social media campaign
  • Project management (timeline, agendas, budget)
  • Lighting, audio, video design and management
  • Event results measurement
  • Creative lighting


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