immersion neuroscience return on experiences

Bishop-McCann powered by Immersion Neuroscience has now created: Return on Experience.

Return on Experience is a software platform and wearable neurosensor that captures what audiences care about in real time.

Using Return on Experience, a corporate event planning professional can see moments of peak immersion, when people become frustrated, and identifies those who are extraordinarily immersed in your program. Bishop-McCann can now prove the extraordinary value of meetings, events and incentive programs, and can accurately measure an event’s impact.

immersion neuroscience return on experiences

Immersion Neuroscience provides the first and only wearable sensor that measures neurologic immersion in an experience and customer journey. Immersion is extracted from multiple streams of neurologic data and put into an easy-to-understand format that can be compared to immersion benchmarks to evaluate the effectiveness of experiences. 

Immersion Neuroscience has selected Bishop-McCann to be the North American Large Account Reseller responsible for sales and marketing of the solution.

Download the Bishop-McCann’s Return on Experience White Paper here!

From Bishop-McCann CEO, Rob Adams

“Until now, we were reliant upon the recollection of event attendees via surveys, delivered weeks after the event took place, to determine whether or not a meeting or event was successful,” said Rob Adams, Bishop-McCann President & Chief Executive Officer

“The reality, based on Paul Zak’s research, is that four out of five events will conclude with the meeting owners not knowing if their goals and objectives were met. Additionally, we know that although surveys still serve a purpose, in many cases they are at best 20% accurate. Our partnership identifies which meeting and event elements attendees remained engaged in. In conclusion, we can create extraordinary, impactful events proving Return on Experience. We see this technology infusing tremendous innovation into the industry to solve the largest challenge. Do I know if my meeting, event or training program met my objective? Did my attendees have an immersive experience?”

“Immersion Neuroscience, Return on Experience, offers the first and only software platform and wearable sensor that measures what people really care about in real-time, so it is extremely valuable in the meetings and events industry,” said Zak. “Too often, you plan and execute great events, but you really don’t know how great they are. Above all, you’re able to objectively and granularly measure the impact of an event in ways that post-meeting surveys cannot.”

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