MPI World Education Congress 2017 – Takeaways and Insights

Thousands of corporate event planners across the globe came together for essential professional development and lead generating opportunities. Most of all, we came together at the MPI conference for an experience that helped to attempt to understand the massive shift of our industry.

The very core of what we do is changing and the change is clear: People don’t want to attend; they want to have invigorating experiences and life changing memories. But this isn’t just happening in our corporate event world. Across the globe and throughout all generations (not just the millennials, eh?) people are searching and paying for new adventures. Recent studies show that Baby Boomers through the youngest of the millennials are shopping for experiences; and of course, instantly sharing them through social media.

People used to vote with their wallets; now they vote with their time.

So, how do we as corporate event planners design the most exclusive and stimulating experiences?  Well, Meeting Professionals International’s World Education Congress 2017 set out to explain just that.

Here are my top takeaways on how to stop planning corporate events and start creating experiences:

  1. BE A DISRUPTOR: …well, thanks for that. How do you become a disruptor when you’re not sure what there is to disrupt?

Think about the people that have created disruption within our lives and solved a problem we didn’t know existed. Take Uber for an example. No one had a problem with taxi’s; they’re just fine. But how many of us utilize Uber for the convenience factor we didn’t know existed before?  Or what about AirBNB? Square readers and Dollar Shave Club? No one saw any of these companies coming. So how do we bring about disruption within each one of our events?

We do this by diving deep into the mind of our stakeholders; analyzing risks, design, delivery. By approaching our event design with the stakeholder’s desired outcome at the forefront of our mind, we’re able to more clearly see the value we can provide to our clients and solve issues for them before they know it themselves. Then we begin to create true value to our clients and attendees.

In a session titled: From Event Design Thinking to Event Design Doing, I learned how to begin mapping out a strategic management template for developing new events by creating an #EventCanvas. It begins by taking in our stakeholders prospective, resolving pains and creating gains within a set framework of commitment and expected return. The canvas articulates behaviors of stakeholders so you can clearly begin to create solutions for your clients.

  1. PERSONALIZATION IS EVERYTHING. Whether it’s a hotel remembering a guest’s name, a marketing blitz with a tailored touch or driving event attendance, the personalized bit means everything to an event attendee. Emotional connection drives relationships with consumers and increases loyalty. In a session titled: Masterclass: From the Expression economy to the Experience economy – Start winning the battle for time, start designing experience, Ron Tite, told a compelling story of a hotel chain remembering his preferences for Diet Coke and barbeque chips. Upon his return to the hotel years later, the hotel had left him a sampling of homemade barbeque chips and diet cokes in a champagne cooler. What a way to increase loyalty from your clients and attendees!
  1. BE A REBEL WITH A CAUSE: With the experience economy evolving, it’s all about values and attitude. It’s important to embrace who you are and understand the WHY. Why do we do what we do every day? “Because I love it” isn’t a good enough answer anymore. At Bishop-McCann, we’ve begun to try to put our finger on why we create event experiences. We do this to bring joy to every one of our attendees. It’s important for us to make sure our attendees feel included so they’re free to be their absolute most authentic self and truly feel that their experiences with us are unlike anything else.

World Education Congress 2017 was filled with insightful takeaways on how to design experiences for our attendees. Not only did WEC deliver on education, it delivered high impact entertainment, from the Jabbawockeez to the Blue Man Group! Thank you to MPI for a wonderful educational ‘experience’!

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