Nicole McCoy, HMCC

Nicole McCoy, HMCC

Director, Global Sourcing

Nicole McCoy

Nicole understands that fantastic events need the perfect setting, which is where global sourcing comes in. With an extensive knowledge of the best venues for meetings and events, Nicole and her team accommodate everything from a space-intensive 4,000 person national sales meeting to a high-touch incentive program for ten couples.

Nicole is passionate about meeting the individual needs of each client and believes strongly in the power of leveraging relationships to ensure that clients receive the maximum value for their dollar. Her team strives to secure the best place, with the best space, for the right price and all wrapped up in a contract that has been negotiated with the client’s risks limited and best interest in mind.

When she’s not in the office, Nicole is often found with her handsome husband and darling children, tackling some sort of Martha Stewart recipe or project…or making an excuse to go to the bakery. She loves cheeseburgers, champagne, pink frosted doughnuts and her teeny-tiny dog, Holly Golightly.