Stephanie Cox, CMP


Stephanie Cox
Lead Attendee Experience Manager

Stephanie Cox has always had a love for special events. After graduating from her studies in marketing and event management at Iowa State University, she proceeded to roles in hospitality and event management at Affiliates Management Company and the Iowa Credit Union League.

Stephanie has often been told she’s as cool as a cucumber, no matter what an event throws her way. Clients can rest assured knowing her experience in the event lifecycle—as well as her calm, collaborative nature—make her a solid addition to any project. Her attention to detail, approachable personality, and focus on creating cohesion between past successes and future opportunity contribute to her effective planning style.

Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys teaching yoga, playing sand volleyball with friends, or cuddling with her cats on the couch while searching for her next travel destination. On weekends, she can usually be found at a local festival, farmers’ market, or brewery, which are her favorite parts of the city she calls home.