Vicky Fairhurst

Vicky Fairhurst

Executive Producer

Vicky Fairhurst executive producer

Vicky has over ten years experience in Experiential Marketing working in Australia, Asia Pacific and Europe as a Producer. She has produced everything from large-scale public events (Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, London 2012 Olympics, Sydney New Year’s Eve celebrations) to corporate programs for consumers, businesses and internal audiences for clients such as Google, HP, Sony, Microsoft, American Express, and Volkswagen.

In her role as Executive Producer at Bishop-McCann, Vicky brings a strategic approach to Production, ensuring the brand messages flow through all elements of a program. Her experience working in diverse markets with varying audiences brings a fresh perspective to our clients as they realize new ways of approaching and meeting brand objectives.

When not traveling for work, Vicky loves to experience new environments and cultures and has visited over 50 countries.