Virtual events could be your solution

Our production and operations teams do more than in-person, live event production. We do virtual meetings, too! Combine your live event strategy with virtual strategy, and allow Bishop-McCann to produce, capture, distribute, and immerse your attendees – from whatever seat they’re in.

The live meetings and events industry is experiencing a major disruption due to the COVID-19 virus. The irony is that with the state of world affairs as they are, it has never been more important for companies to inform and engage their employees, partners, and customers. We can help with an alternative plan to transition your live meetings and events to fully virtual experiences and collectively re-imagine your concept from the start.

Whether you are holding a live meeting or a virtual one, your creative, strategic, and messaging objectives remain the same. They also require the same level of expertise to execute successfully. Bishop-McCann’s team of production and creative experts can translate your live event into an interactive digital experience and impact your audience in a thoughtful, decisive, and creative way.

Now more than ever, your audience needs to hear from you. They need to engage with you. They are looking for that meaningful and memorable experience that only your company can provide. No matter your event type, industry, or audience, our experts can design a virtual event that meets all of your objectives.

This isn’t new for us.

We have conducted virtual meetings and livestreams across various industries for events, such as annual stockholder meetings, all-employee town halls, product launches, product demos, training, education, trade shows, conferences, concerts, and others.

What we can offer:

  • Live streaming and on-demand event experiences (annual stockholder meetings, corporate meetings, recognition events, employee town halls, training/education, trade shows, etc.)
  • Hybrid meetings that are designed to navigate travel restrictions to an existing “in-person” meeting/event
  • Full production capabilities: creative strategy, scriptwriting/coaching, executive production management, 3-D set and stage design, video/animation/graphic design, support (audio/video/lighting), timeline and budget management, and on-site expertise with show directors, producers, and technical leads
  • Browser, smartphone, tablet, and dial-in options
  • On-demand services
  • How-to instruction for attendee first-timers
  • Encrypted, online technology for 100% security
  • Virtual team building, gifting, and meetings in-a-box


From Zoom to Webex, and anything in between, we can work within any platform. The beauty of our back-end solution is that we can stream to any service.

At Bishop-McCann, our virtual events are unlike any other. We know that your attendees are becoming increasingly disinterested in the typical online meeting, and that’s why we make sure that our events are anything but typical. Instead of running like a traditional Zoom meeting, our events play more like a television broadcast. By adding animated motion graphics, we ensure that your attendees are absorbed in your event’s content.

Another way that we add some excitement to our virtual events is through event gifting. Not only can a gift put a smile on your attendees’ faces, but it can also increase engagement for your at-home attendees. All you have to do is pick from our curated options, and we will ship it straight to your virtual attendees’ doors.

Additionally, we provide virtual experiences as another means of engagement for your audience. We have a variety of experiences to choose from, including wine tastings, yoga or meditation, cooking classes, and even magicians to captivate your guests. You can choose from our pre-recorded experiences, or if you’re looking to give your attendees something more unique, we can record a new experience entirely customized for your audience.

Yes, we can! We utilize a virtual, 3-D platform that creates a completely customizable virtual conference center for attendees to interact in, along with an expo hall where attendees can browse vendors’ booths. In the virtual conference center, we include a registration desk, which can be staffed with BMC employees to help answer any of your virtual guests’ questions. The conference center also includes rooms that you would see in a real venue, such as a ballroom, auditoriums, break-out rooms, and even a coffee shop where attendees can receive coupons for a cup of coffee. The center also includes a social lounge that allows attendees to communicate with others, such as having a one-on-one with an executive. Additionally, all guests are given “virtual backpacks,” allowing them to collect information such as PDFs or videos that can then be sent to their email during or after the event.

With the expo hall, attendees can visit various booths and interact virtually with them. A live person can greet guests during booth hours, and attendees can watch videos, put items into their virtual backpacks, and see others who are in the space with them. Vendors can also customize their booths in the 3-D space by uploading their own colors and branding.

At Bishop-McCann, we work hard to ensure that your presenters are thoroughly prepared and feel comfortable speaking for your events. We provide a number of resources to your speakers, including a virtual green room with “stage” manager and technical support, pre-event rehearsals, teleprompters for notes or scripts, presenter view with a countdown clock, and the ability to pre-record, edit, and advance slides. Additionally, we provide your speakers with upgraded lights, audio, and camera, along with wifi assessments and enhancements.

Throughout this entire process, we guide your presenters through in order to make them feel as confident as possible. We can customize what the presenter sees while presenting, and we can also allow the presenter, client, or ourselves to control the slides, depending on the speaker’s comfort level. Tech-checks are performed to make sure everyone feels comfortable before kicking off the event.

We create a customized virtual conference platform where attendees have the ability to click on various rooms they would like to be a part of. It feels like a virtual webpage, in which they can navigate through the various options provided. Or, if preferred, we have the capability to broadcast into your existing company platform.

Yes, we offer technical support throughout the entirety of the event. We have support lines for every virtual room that attendees can call at any time, along with a live, online chat.

Yes, we do. Working in a studio, we can put your speaker in front of a green screen and transport them to a stage or any place you want that presenter to appear. With the help of video game engines driving a real-time render, we can give your attendees an exciting, virtual experience that you can customize.

Yes, we can control the attendee experience through registration. For example, if an attendee is from a specific department of your company that requires a specific event agenda, we can ensure that when they log in, it takes them to their specific track. This way, your attendees have a customized experience.

Yes, we have the capability to have the attendee journey feel as if they are actually walking into your event virtually. We can customize the interior and exterior of the building, branding everything along the way. This custom environment allows attendees to travel through event space, clicking on rooms of interest that may be holding breakout sessions or networking opportunities.

Contact us, of course! We’d be more than happy to walk you through our virtual experiences and capabilities.

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