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Global Hair Care Brand Enjoys a Smash Hit in Las Vegas

SUPER.NATURAL is a major marketing and educational corporate event hosted by Kevin Murphy, founder of the KEVIN.MURPHY hair care and colour brand. This live event brought together international creative minds and acclaimed speakers to provide salon professionals with glimpses of new hair collections and fashion trends, insights into current business and industry developments and to create a more meaningful relationship with its customers.

The 2016 SUPER.NATURAL Show, which was produced by Bishop-McCann’s corporate event agency team, was held in Las Vegas on November 6th and 7th. The Wynn Hotel was transformed into a lush stylist paradise reminiscent of scenes from the most recent KEVIN.MURPHY brand campaign, complete with brand-infused décor and oversized bottles of the famed formulas. The two-day gathering featured a variety of looks, concepts and techniques tied to the changing fashion landscape, in addition to keynote speakers offering critical business insight. More than 1,200 people were in attendance.

On day one, the 2017 collections, SUPER.NATURAL, CASTAWAY and K.MEN, came to life onstage with styling and colour demonstrations inspired and conducted by Kevin Murphy and his team of global artists. Influenced by classic imagery from the late 20th Century as seen through a ‘90s lens, the looks made for a truly stunning presentation. The beautiful hair artistry was complemented by a playful wardrobe mirroring Spring 2017 runway trends. Comic relief was provided by keynote speaker and world-famous magician, Vinh Giang, who used magic as a metaphor to help attendees understand the power of perspective in achieving the fullest expression of themselves.

On day two, 20 breakout experiences were offered, with more than 3,000 attending sessions featuring 16 global master stylists and colourists, as well as an expert on social media trends and tactics. Bishop-McCann also assisted with SHOOT.ME, a live photo shoot with Kevin Murphy designed to demonstrate ways to achieve beautiful editorial looks.

Bishop-McCann’s live event team partnered with KEVIN.MURPHY and designed, produced and managed the sold-out show. Our event marketing team designed and managed the show website, The audience walked away informed, inspired and emotionally connected with a deep and lasting impression of the KEVIN.MURPHY brand.

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