Incentive Programs & Recognition Events

Your top talent deserves top recognition, and incentive programs are a great way to inspire your attendees. Studies show that associates prefer non-cash incentives to cash and prefer travel most of all. Take advantage of this information by rewarding and motivating your team with an incentive program that makes them feel valued.

The most important factor to consider when crafting an incentive program is execution. If you want to reward and retain VIP team members, lean on Bishop-McCann to create incentive programs and world-class experiences that increase loyalty, motivation, and productivity in your attendees. Our experienced, award-winning planners can build customized event packages that will guarantee an unforgettable experience for your winners.

This is not a one-size-fits-all process. Your brand and culture are carefully considered as we go through the strategic event planning and event design process to best drive performance for your team. There’s a reason we call this type of event an incentive program. Building the right amount of intrigue, bolstering camaraderie and loyalty, and constructing inspiration is no easy feat. Turn to event planning experts (like us!) for guidance. Whether it’s sales, dealer, or distributor loyalty (or an overall recognition event), we build exceptional programs that generate proven results.

Our incentive programs and recognition events have taken place all across the globe. From Africa to Aruba, Bishop-McCann has created once-in-a-lifetime trips for attendees to enjoy. Not only will we help with the experiential components of your incentive program, but we can also manage any and all planning, transportation, sourcing, décor, food and beverage, and everything in between. Every element or service you need for a successful incentive trip will be carefully considered by our team. More than anything, we want to ensure that your audience understands the message you want them to receive. Whether that is appreciation, motivation, or celebration, your incentive trip will make that message clear to all attending. We create JOY for your audience and deliver incentive trip experiences that grow your business.

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