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It’s no secret that the franchise world is highly competitive. At Bishop-McCann, we understand the desire to stand out from the competition, but we also recognize it can be difficult. This means that attracting outstanding franchisees and building a strong team requires a franchise conference that not only reflects your unique brand and vision, but also achieves your goals and delights your guests. That’s where our team comes in. We have years of experience helping organizations separate themselves from their competitors by planning, creating, and delivering memorable events that motivate and inspire guests.

Bishop-McCann understands that your franchise organization succeeds because of your brand, along with the quality training and products you provide your team. Though you want to keep your brand consistent, that doesn’t mean your franchise conference has to look like all the rest. Our approach involves beginning with a clear understanding of your brand, culture, and values. From there, we apply innovative event strategies to reflect that brand stewardship through creative themes. We capture the essence of your organization by turning your franchise event into an opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in experiences. Delivering your mission and values through your program ensures attendees (both existing and potential franchisees) leave with a strong sense of community and collaboration.

Your team specializes in showcasing your brand. Our team specializes in producing events that captivate your attendees through creative elements that express your mission, meet your goals, and embody your business. From event planning and strategy to innovative execution and logistics, the Bishop-McCann team has years of experience creating JOY. Elevate your brand with the help of our franchise event experts.


  • Brand stewardship
  • Theme content and development
  • Speech writing
  • Audience engagement
  • Storyboarding development


  • Environment and stage design
  • Creative production elements
  • Event décor
  • Event lighting
  • Event swag and gifting
  • Experiential and interactive engagement


  • Event logo design
  • Conference materials design and development
  • Signage and attendee experience pieces
  • Event and sponsor branding


  • Custom website and mobile app design
  • Digital signage
  • Registration 
  • Live streaming


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