Pharma Client’s Sponsorship at Annual Conference

Managing a Pharmaceutical Event’s Sponsorship While Creating JOY


A renowned biotechnology company and valued client of Bishop-McCann has consistently participated as a presenting sponsor at an annual pharmaceutical event focused on curing a progressive, neurodegenerative disease. For over 30 years, this conference has brought together researchers, healthcare professionals, individuals living with this disease, and their families, providing a platform for networking, learning, and collaborative efforts.  

The 2023 conference, along with a research and clinical care meeting, took place from Wednesday through Saturday in Orlando, Florida. This annual gathering consisted of two key segments: one dedicated to research and clinical care and the other tailored for families and communities. 

During the scientific sessions, experts from both the industry and academia came together to foster open dialogue, expediting the progress of research in the field. A gathering of over 565 researchers and multidisciplinary clinicians collaborated to enhance care practices and strengthen the community of healthcare professionals specializing in this disorder. The pharma event also promoted research and care through the inclusion of cross-disciplinary discussions, partnerships, and the inclusion of new researchers, healthcare practitioners, and pharmaceutical companies. On the individual and family component, attendees enjoyed welcome sessions, a fashion show highlighting diversity and inclusion for people of all abilities, an exhibit area, an enchanting evening at Disney World, and more than 60 workshop sessions catering to various segments of the community. 

As the presenting sponsor of this remarkable conference, our client entrusted Bishop-McCann with the management of their 110 attendees who were accommodated at Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resort and the Walt Disney World Swan Resort in Orlando, Florida. Our team also had to take into account the specialized needs of some attendees. While accommodating those needs can present challenges, we ensured that all guests experienced a seamless and inclusive event. In addition to attendee management, Bishop-McCann also oversaw speakers, invited guests, and special events, including a fashion show, which was sponsored by our client. 

Bishop-McCann’s primary objectives centered around streamlined communication with our client’s internal teams, the conference organizers, hotel partners, and various agency partners. We were also responsible for efficient vendor coordination, adherence to timelines, and budget management. Given the conference’s focus on accommodating attendees and speakers with this disease, Bishop-McCann also took on the responsibility of ensuring seamless coordination and compliance for those requiring wheelchairs and ADA-compliant rooms. A significant challenge faced was effectively managing room allocations across multiple hotels while ensuring compliance. In addition, the goal of our involvement in the conference was to create inclusive and memorable events sponsored by our pharma client for this community. 

Disney World castle at night


The planning process for this pharmaceutical event commenced in February, giving us a four-month planning window. A quick start was imperative due to stringent deadlines and housing requests associated with the overall conference. 

Effective communication played a pivotal role in ensuring the event’s success. Bi-weekly vendor meetings were conducted to ensure seamless connectivity and information sharing among all stakeholders, facilitating efficient coordination and flawless execution. 

As previously mentioned, our client was the sponsor for both the research and clinical care meeting and the annual conference. They hosted workshops throughout the conferences, covering valuable topics, such as “Technology That Makes Life Easier,” “Taking Charge of Your Health: The Transition from Pediatric to Adult Care,” and “How to Build Your Presence and Advocate Through Writing and Social Media.” 

On Thursday, attendees wrapped up their evening at the fashion show, sponsored by our client. The primary goal of this pharmaceutical event was to amplify visibility, challenge stereotypes, and promote adaptive fashion. Bishop-McCann played a central role in coordinating all the logistics for this event. Our responsibilities included handling audio-visual elements and lighting, coordinating talent, managing vendors, and overseeing food and beverage services for this special occasion. Bishop-McCann was also entrusted with communication and close collaboration with our client’s internal partners, marketing teams, and the pharma event’s organizers. Throughout the entire program, our role as an effective intermediary was pivotal in facilitating seamless communication among all involved parties. 

The management of rooming lists and details across multiple hotels, including the procurement of ADA-compliant rooms, presented intricate challenges. Even so, our team navigated these complexities successfully through months of meticulous planning and continuous revisions. 

JOY Moments: One of our favorite achievements was the incorporation of small yet memorable details into the event, such as the inclusion of Mickey Mouse-shaped rice crispy treats for attendees. This served as a reminder that even the smallest touches can bring immense JOY! Another small but significant addition to the event was providing inclusive menu options to accommodate everyone. For all food and beverage functions, we offered different straw sizes to meet the eating and drinking needs of all attendees. While hotels don’t always have straws for every meal, we made sure to include straws in a variety of sizes and fun colors, making guests happy and ensuring they don’t have to make special requests for straws. What may seem like minor additions can have major impacts on enhancing the experience and making everyone feel welcome. 

attendees at Disney World


Comparing the 2023 event to the previous year, it is evident that the pharmaceutical event operated with efficiency and expertise. Lessons learned from the 2022 pharma event were implemented to promote successful collaboration among all vendors involved. Witnessing the meticulous planning come to life on site and observing the seamless execution of plans served as a rewarding testament to the hard work invested. Even more rewarding was the JOY created from that planning. Seeing the excitement on the spectators’ faces during the fashion show, finding inspiration from watching their role models walk/roll the runway, was incredible. 

The conference components managed by Bishop-McCann exemplify the importance of effective collaboration, vendor management, communication, and attention to detail. Through early planning, consistent communication, and a commitment to improvement, the event not only met but exceeded its objectives, creating a memorable and impactful experience for this community and all attendees.