Verizon’s Retail Store Launch Event

High-End Retail Store Launch Event Concept


Verizon asked us to produce their new, high-end “Destination” stores with an exclusive retail store launch event aimed at millennials.

Most people liken going to their cell phone provider’s retail store to going to the dentist. It’s a painful experience. At least it used to be. In 2015, Verizon launched their “Destination” stores to take the retail experience to the “Next Level.” They tasked us with creating exclusive events in Houston and Boston to show the world that purchasing a mobile device and accessories is not as bad as a cavity. Rather, it’s an immersive, fun, and engaging experience.


We created one of a kind grand opening retail store launch events that resulted in lines out the door. Verizon asked us to target millennials, and that’s what we brought them…in the thousands…with a side of earplugs. To do this, we engaged relevant social media celebrities, along with developing a comprehensive digital campaign and online contest to connect with their audience and build excitement around the store opening.


When the opening day arrived, despite cold weather, thousands of millennials lined up at the door with hopes of meeting their favorite social celebs. Meet and greets, prizes, and tickets to an exclusive concert kept them rolling in. As a result, Verizon gained over 200 million social impressions and an entirely new audience of brand ambassadors—in only 48 hours.

No longer is going to the cell phone store as painful as a trip to the dentist. Instead, it may be the event you talk about for years to come.