Pharmaceutical Client Turns to Virtual for App Launch

Pharmaceutical Client Turns to Virtual for App Launch


After working with this pharmaceutical client for a year, they asked us to plan a 3-day event launching their new training app. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the client sought to have a virtual event that not only launched the app but also trained their employees on how to properly use it. In addition, the organization wanted the theme “Keep the Good Going” incorporated throughout the virtual launch.

Originally, the company was going to use their own Zoom as the video conferencing platform, but they then decided to have our team take a Zoom meeting up a notch with the addition of graphics and music, along with slides and transitions. Additionally, the client wanted to ensure that there was a teambuilding aspect built into the meeting in order to bring their team together virtually.

The main challenge that arose for this event was turn around time. With the pandemic in full swing, the decision to produce a virtual event was made a mere three weeks prior to the event’s kickoff.


To begin the planning process, we reached out to the client and the main planning team to review the event’s agenda and our role in the program. Once all the goals and objectives of the event had been identified, the team went to work to create this virtual launch event and to overcome their challenges. Bishop-McCann’s program manager and executive producer worked hand in hand to make quick decisions to ensure that the event occurred flawlessly, even with the little time given to plan.

To meet the client’s need for teambuilding, we incorporated a Game Show Mash Up. During this game, attendees were able to be the stars of the show by playing various games, complete with their own emcee and technical assistant to lead the game. Not only was the organization’s team able to connect, but they also had a ton of fun!

Eventure Gifting Snack Box

Along with the teambuilding component, we held four workshops for the sales force to allow the team to work in one-on-one training sessions with others in sales. In addition, we wanted to create excitement for the event while allowing attendees to feel appreciated by the client. For this, we turned to Eventure Gifting, who put together snack boxes, including a variety of unique, delicious snacks.

Our team also made sure to incorporate the event’s theme, “Keep the Good Going,” throughout the virtual space, as well as the organization’s branding. Utilizing this theme and branding throughout enhanced the event and customized it to the client. Some of the customized elements included picture-in-picture (PIP) frames, branded backgrounds, a branded countdown to the event, and more.

For this event, Bishop-McCann involved the operations, creative, and production teams to work together. Even with three short weeks provided for this virtual event, our team was able to successfully execute all aspects of the launch, including registration, invites, confirmations, day of emails, snack boxes, production for the Zoom meeting, breakouts, and the teambuilding hour.


After some quick planning and hard work by the Bishop-McCann team, this pharmaceutical company’s “Keep the Good Going” event was a huge success. Even with the limited time given to the team, we were still able to create a completely elevated Zoom meeting with music, transitions, and motion graphics to keep attendees immersed in the event. The Zoom breakouts were extremely successful and gave guests yet another engaging feature to this virtual event. The Eventure snack boxes were a great way to show appreciation to attendees while creating excitement for the event.

The internal clients thought it was a successful meeting in which they were able to connect with their team. But not only that, they thought the meeting was a great way to add some flair, getting their employees excited about the launch and engaged in their training.