WellBiz UNITED Conference

Annual Franchise Conference for WellBiz Brands, Inc.


When planning their annual franchise conference, WellBiz Brands, Inc., (WBB) enlisted our team’s expertise to create their program. For the WellBiz UNITED Conference, the client had an attendee list of 900 people and wished to have a two-and-a-half-day live conference. Additionally, the client wanted to host the conference in Las Vegas at The Mirage Hotel. Having worked with this company since 2019, we were ready to take on the challenge and create an unforgettable event.

Large stacked blocks with various WellBiz Brands displayed on each
Photo by Chadwick Fowler

For this conference, the client’s goals consisted of promoting brand inclusivity, building relationships, and ensuring attendee education. WellBiz Brands wanted to provide opportunities for their guests to learn new skills and practices that they could then take back to their individual franchise locations. As we began planning this program, we kept these goals in mind to ensure their objectives were met.


Our team’s main goals for this franchise conference were continuity and flawless execution. We wanted to incorporate thoughtful, fun, and creative ideas to enhance the attendee experience. Additionally, we needed to integrate the theme, “UNITED,” throughout all aspects of the event.  To do so, our graphic design team worked hand in hand with the client’s creative services team to create multiple print and digital elements that carried this message throughout every touchpoint. They also assisted in logo creation, signage design, mobile app content, and printed materials to create a cohesive look and feel from beginning to end.

Speakers on stage at franchise conference
Photo by Chadwick Fowler

Our team planned various aspects of the conference, including a general session, a brand-specific general session, a trade show, a welcome reception, multiple breakouts, an awards show, and an after party. Incorporated in these aspects were fun, engaging entertainment and eye-catching décor to further enhance the experience.

Of the multiple elements we planned for this event, one of the most memorable was the opening general session keynote speaker, Lori Greiner. Inventor and entrepreneur, Greiner stars in the hit television show, Shark Tank, a platform that has allowed her to invest in over 100 products or businesses. Having such a successful and well-known entrepreneur speak at this program was a highlight for everyone who attended.

In order to execute this franchise conference, our team handled event management, creation of the registration website, and management of sponsorships, which was completed by our program managers, attendee experience managers, and creative team.

Attendees walking past wall displaying various WellBiz Brands
Photo by Chadwick Fowler


After nine months of hard work and planning, we successfully created the WellBiz Brands UNITED Conference. Our team accomplished this by providing white glove service, ensuring extreme attention to detail, and utilizing our skilled staff.

From great attendee participation (both in person and in the mobile app) to a well-functioning event center, this franchise conference went smoothly and achieved both the client’s goals and our own objectives.

We strive to create JOY not only for all of our events’ attendees but also for our clients, and our hard work made the experience enjoyable for everyone involved. We can’t wait to create our next event with WellBiz Brands, Inc.