Amber Heintz, CMP-HC, HMCC


Amber Heintz
VP, Program Operations

With nearly 25 years in the industry, Amber Heintz brings a wealth of diverse experience in managing client programs and operations teams across a wide spectrum of industries. From corporate to third-party, non-profit to pharmaceutical, her expertise spans a broad range of sectors, making her a valuable asset to Bishop-McCann. 

Amber’s leadership style is characterized by a balanced approach that combines warmth with a no-nonsense attitude. This unique blend allows her to skillfully oversee the largest group of individuals at Bishop-McCann with great success. Her ability to foster strong and enduring relationships is a testament to her exceptional management skills and her genuine care for the people she works with. 

Throughout her career, Amber has held pivotal roles as an account director and director of operations, where she proved herself adept at guiding both clients and internal teams toward achieving overarching objectives. As the current Vice President of Operations, she channels her energy into operational excellence and innovation, consistently leading teams to create extraordinary experiences for clients. Her dedication to going above and beyond for her clients and teams sets her apart and is a driving force behind her professional success. 

Outside of the office, Amber embraces a life of adventure and creativity. She finds JOY in exploring new experiences and engaging in DIY projects with her husband and daughter. Nature and the mountains provide her with a sense of solace and renewal, and she cherishes every opportunity to connect with the great outdoors.