Cathy Mariano, CMP, HMCC


Cathy Mariano
Head, Pharmaceutical Client Group

Cathy Mariano brings more than 14 years of industry experience to her role as director of program operations at Bishop-McCann. She’s known for building positive, long-lasting relationships and for creating memorable experiences in a collaborative, meaningful way. Persistence and determination are key drivers in Cathy’s mission to succeed. She is passionate about service and innovation, and she thrives on exceeding client and attendee expectations. Cathy loves to learn and constantly seeks opportunities to expand her knowledge in the ever-changing industry.

Outside of work, Cathy enjoys spending time with her husband, son, and their dog, Pretzel. She enjoys being outdoors, and you’ll likely find her mountain biking or hiking on a local trail. She also loves to “wine down” with a nice red wine while trying new recipes in her kitchen.