Ellys Barkley, HMCC


Ellys Barkley
Attendee Experience Manager

Ellys Barkley’s JOY for the events industry started at the University of Iowa where she studied journalism and mass communication, along with event management. Since entering the industry, Ellys has worked as an on-site event coordinator with Marriott and a seasonal event coordinator with the Kansas City Chiefs. Both her roles with the Marriott and the Chiefs have given her a keen eye for event operations.

As a program coordinator, she enjoys building trustworthy relationships with clients and their attendees while looking for new and innovative ways to stay on top of industry trends. Her optimistic personality keeps clients confident from start to finish. 

In her free time, Ellys enjoys finding the best coffee and brunch spots in Kansas City. She also loves being an aunt to her sister’s rescue pups and taking them to dog parks.